Continuing the theme of the last post, I would like to demonstrate the use of the triplicity lords as broad-band markers of period of health and ill-health.  Again, these are not exact, but should give one a hint of when in the life we should focus our efforts when asked to judge another’s health.  Of course, ill-health will have to be read overall in the chart before we judge that the triplicity lords will show it though I will not be demonstrating those techniques at this time.  I don’t remember reading about this technique being laid out explicitly, but rather it is an extrapolation of my reading of Dorotheus of Sidon’s work, specifically chapter seven of the first book. [1]  This sort of thing is best shown rather than told, so onto the charts.  First Muhammad Ali:


Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1984.  With Cancer rising, we must delineate Mars, Venus then the Moon.  Mars is culminating in its own sign, so is not too much of a concern. Venus is retrograde in the 7th sign in a tight square from Saturn.  The reception of Venus by Saturn restrains Saturn’s maleficence here.  The Moon is the issue here for Ali.  Although applying to Jupiter, the Moon comes from Jupiter’s sign of fall which corrupts the aid Jupiter gives.  More importantly, the dodekatemorion of Mars falls at 19 Cancer. [2]  When we have triplicity lords opposing each other, we generally have periods of trouble for whatever the topic is that the lords signify.  In the opposition of Mars and the Moon, Mars is superior to the Moon (it is prior in the order of the signs) and the Moon is receiving Mars while Mars is in its sign of fall, so this will happen in the Moon’s period rather than Mars’.  We can judge then that the lunar period will be one of ill-health if the chart shows ill-health is something Ali will suffer from (Fortune and the ASC both in Cancer with the Moon being afflicted suggests he will).  According to the ascensions, [3] Mars rules 22 years (from birth until 1966), Venus also rules 22 years which means the Moon takes over in 1988.  Next Michael J. Fox:


Michael J. Fox also suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, and also has the malefics afflicting key points of his chart.  He was diagnosed with the disease in 1991 and he retired from acting in 2000 as his symptoms worsened.  Fox has Capricorn rising, so we must judge the Moon, Venus and then Mars.  Both the Moon and Venus are conjoined in the 4th sign which bonifies them.  Saturn is in superior position to both along with Jupiter.  In all honesty, the Moon and Venus are a mixed bag.  The whole of both periods are likely to be troublesome for health in this chart.  The fact that the square with Saturn is separating while the square with Jupiter is applying relieves the whole configuration somewhat.  Mars as the final ruler definitely shows a worsening though.  In fall and setting in the 7th sign, it is not in a good state, and while the aspect with the Sun is a friendly one, the Sun is in superior position and rules a malefic house.  According to Fox’s birth latitude, Venus and the Moon rule for 15 years apiece.  This means that Mars took over in 1991.

I think the best way to see the triplicity lords is as governors of certain key topics in the life.  By that I mean that they allow certain things to occur and deny others.  The broad-range time-lord techniques may suggest ill-health, but if the triplicity lord active at the time shows the contrary, then we cannot judge long periods of illness or bodily harm.  In this way, the triplicity lord falls subservient to natal indications, but should precede the narrower timing techniques.  What we are doing when trying to time conditions found in the nativity is we are beginning with the broadest indicator first (the natal chart) and then taking periods of the life and refining them into smaller sections of time until what we are looking for occurs.