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In this post, we would like to demonstrate the full process of predicting an event using the Solar Return.  Contrary to modern practice, the return is not used as a stand-alone chart seen in isolation.  Conforming to ancient principles, we must use the return in tandem with two things: 1) the natal chart and its own inherent promises as an overarching description of the life as a whole. 2) two entwined time lord systems, the first known as Releasings from the Hyleg, the second known as the Profection of the Ascendant.  This article assumes at least a working knowledge of these systems, if the reader would like to find out more about this suite of techniques, then On Solar Revolutions by Abu Ma’Shar is recommended (

Our example is that of a young girl who fell while running and broke her arm.  The accident occurred on the 13th of January 2012.  Here is her nativity with the return for the year May 2011 – May 2012 on the outside of the bi-wheel:

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Continuing the theme of the last post, I would like to demonstrate the use of the triplicity lords as broad-band markers of period of health and ill-health.  Again, these are not exact, but should give one a hint of when in the life we should focus our efforts when asked to judge another’s health.  Of course, ill-health will have to be read overall in the chart before we judge that the triplicity lords will show it though I will not be demonstrating those techniques at this time.  I don’t remember reading about this technique being laid out explicitly, but rather it is an extrapolation of my reading of Dorotheus of Sidon’s work, specifically chapter seven of the first book. [1]  This sort of thing is best shown rather than told, so onto the charts.  First Muhammad Ali:

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A real strength of ancient astrology is its ability to predict both singular events and the themes present during broad chunks of time in the native’s life.  One of the most useful techniques in the latter category is to judge one’s general success and happiness, the ease with which one’s life moves, by looking at the triplicity lords of the sect light.  This technique is found in the earliest sources and is prominent in both Vettius Valens’ [1] and Dorotheus of Sidon’s work.

The basic premise is that we note whether the chart is a day chart (Sun above the horizon) or a night chart (Sun below the horizon).  If it is a day chart, we will focus on the Sun, if a night chart, the Moon.  From there we judge the relevant luminary’s condition before looking at the lords of its triplicity.  The triplicity lords are as follows:

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